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GAMUT: Idealliance Printing & Packaging Podcast


A global technical podcast featuring guests from around the world, GAMUT is focused on bringing the industry highly informative, technical leading practices and initiatives on: brand management, measurable supply chain management programs, global print standards, design intent, measurement and evaluation, communicating across a global supply chain, proof-to-print alignment, workflow and process control standardization, color management and control, design thinking, hardware-instruments-tools and software advancing the industry, leading industry technical initiatives and stories of transformation from extraordinary minds within the print and packaging supply chain. Idealliance is a global non-profit think tank with 12 strategically located offices around the world, the largest certifying body in the world for industry competencies, systems, materials, and facilities and one of the world’s leading contributor to ISO standards, as a Liaison “A” to the International Organization for Standardization.
75: The Enormous Potential of On-Demand Print and Multimedia EngagementDecember 08, 2020 Episode artwork 74: Why Should the Supply Chain Adopt Universal Requirements like GRACoL 2013?November 24, 2020 Episode artwork 73: The Forefront of Research, Education, and DiversityNovember 10, 2020 Episode artwork 72: In 2020, is Flexographic Printing the Superior Technology?October 27, 2020 Episode artwork 71: How Pantone® Formula Guides are Made and How to Use ThemOctober 13, 2020 Episode artwork 70: Discovering the Future of Color – Part TwoSeptember 29, 2020 Episode artwork 69: Discovering the Future of Color – Part OneSeptember 15, 2020 Episode artwork 68: Sweden’s Unique Print and Packaging EducationSeptember 01, 2020 Episode artwork 67: A New Standard for Communicating Print Quality (Part II)August 18, 2020 Episode artwork 66: A New Standard for Communicating Print Quality (Part I)August 04, 2020 Episode artwork 65: The Color Genius of ColorLogicJuly 07, 2020 Episode artwork 64: Google's Marco Ugolini - A Journey from the Dark Room to Perfecting Brand Color in the Digital AgeJune 23, 2020 Episode artwork 63: Innovation and the Human Component - An Inside Look at Legendary HeidelbergJune 17, 2020 Episode artwork 62: Raising the Bar in Color MeasurementJune 02, 2020 Episode artwork 61: The Amazing Story of Automation and Innovation at Konica MinoltaMay 19, 2020 Episode artwork 60: The State of Graphic Arts Standards Developments—Part IIApril 21, 2020 Episode artwork 59: The State of Graphic Arts Standards Developments—Part IApril 14, 2020 Episode artwork 58: Coming out of the Dark – Leaving TVI behind for G7®April 07, 2020 Episode artwork 57: Realistic and Objective Expectations for Buyer and Brand Color AcceptanceMarch 31, 2020 Episode artwork 56: What’s Inside & the Importance of the New Idealliance Guide to Print ProductionMarch 24, 2020 Episode artwork 55: Barbieri—An Italian Technology Company Perfecting Quality Management Solutions in a Global Supply ChainMarch 17, 2020 Episode artwork 54: Quality & Efficiency Improvement Through Value Stream Mapping Lean AssessmentsMarch 10, 2020 Episode artwork 53: Using a Proven Cloud-Based Certified G7® System for ECG Printing and G7 ImplementationMarch 03, 2020 Episode artwork 52: The Battlefield of Business, Great Teams, Objectives, and the Ability to ChangeFebruary 25, 2020 Episode artwork 51: Why G7® is the #1 Global Color Specification February 18, 2020 Episode artwork